Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Preserved Wedding Flowers: Before and After

Check out these photos of fresh wedding bouquets and the gorgeous results after they have been preserved by + freezeframe|bloombeads!  These are actual before and after photos of customer orders!  Please visit freezeframeit.com if you like what you see and want to learn more!

Preserved Wedding Bouquet freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet freezeframeit.com

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Preserved Wedding Bouquet in Shadowbox

Have you fallen in love with your wedding bouquet and wish you could save it forever?  Look no further! 
+ freezeframe | bloombeads 
specializes in high quality Floral Preservation.  Check out a few of our custom designed shadowboxes below, and visit our website, www.freezeframeit.com, to view dozens more!

Preserved Wedding Flowers in Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet in Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet in Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet in Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com
Preserved Wedding Bouquet in Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Floral Preservation -- Not a DIY Project

Going DIY for your wedding is an excellent way to cut costs and make your special day truly unique. Take one look around Pinterest and you're sure to find a hundred awesome and cost friendly ideas that will keep you and your bridesmaids happily busy for the next 6 months. When it comes to preserving your bouquet, however, going DIY isn't always the best idea.

Freezedryers full of Flowers in "No Crush" boxes www.freezeframeit.com

Here at Freezeframe | bloombeads, our Freezedrying techniques are top of the line. When your flowers arrive in our studio they are individually photographed and tagged with your name and order number. Each bloom will then be re-hydrated individually in our floral coolers, with the help of a specially formulated re-hydration solution, and any damaged petals will be trimmed.
Once your Flowers have had a good drink, they are ready for the application of our expert preservation methods. Flowers and foliage that dry more effectively in sand-based methods will be tagged and moved to the sand-drying room; blooms which require weeks of bleaching to insure they stay white for years, will be tagged and go to the bleaching room. All remaining flowers and foliage will be prepared for the freeze-drying process. The flowers are placed into sophisticated machines that drop to subzero temperatures before the moisture is slowly vacuumed from the flowers. This method allows your flowers to maintain their original shape, texture and color.

Our Framing and Design Area where Highly Skilled artisans and Custom Framers take your Preserved Flowers and create lasting keepsakes  www.freezeframeit.com

Our scientific methods of preserving your flowers go above and beyond the “At Home” methods of preservation which leave flowers brittle, misshapen, and severely discolored.  Whether you’re looking to create a shadowbox, an ornament or a custom piece of bloombeads jewelry, our team of experts can ensure that the gorgeous flowers you carried on your wedding day will maintain their original beauty.
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Finished Freezeframe Shadowboxes and Bloombeads Jewelry full of Bright colors and Beautiful Textures

Call our experienced team of designers, framers, jewelers and preservation experts today to learn more about having your one of a kind bouquet preserved after your wedding! www.freezeframeit.com 1-800-822-9273

Custom Wedding Flower Preservation

We know how important the details of your wedding day are and how long you spent making sure that everything was just perfect. Let +Freezeframe | bloombeads create a custom shadowbox display featuring your wedding bouquet as well as other wedding day keepsakes to help you remember those details for years to come!

Custom Keepsake Collage Shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com

Preserved bouquet in a keepsake shadowbox www.freezeframeit.com

Framed wedding day memorabilia and bouquet www.freezeframeit.com

Custom shadowbox with bouquet and other wedding day items www.freezeframeit.com

Wedding day Collage Shadowbox with bouquet www.freezeframeit.com

We're here to help you design the PERFECT shadowbox display. Give our team a call today to learn more about Floral Preservation and our line of Custom Keepsake Shadowboxes! 1-800-822-9273 or visit our website www.freezeframeit.com